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Whittles Excursions Return!

Whittles Excursions Return!

It was good news today (Tuesday 23rd June) that the government are now allowing hotels, pubs and restaurants to open on the 4th July.  This is a great step forward for us all and we’re excited about welcoming customers back on board!  With excursions, we’ll be looking to operate as many of our excursions as possible, plus some extra specials from early July onwards.  But we do need to ensure the safety of our customers and staff so that customers have the confidence to travel again.  So here you can click on our our Safe Operation Procedure (SOP) for day excursions, which are based on the government guidelines released today. Our revised excursion programme will be advertised  here on our site in the near future and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Covid: 19 - Safe Operating Procedures for Excursion Customers.


The government have today, (Tuesday 23rd June) issued new guidelines that allow us to re-start our excursions programme, albeit with precautions and limited passenger numbers on board.  We want to ensure that while Covid 19 restrictions are in place you are still able to fully enjoy your day out with us. 


Throughout this pandemic period, and in this transition as we return to normal operation, it is very important that we all follow some simple guidelines to protect our staff, our passengers and anyone else that we may come into contact with as we carry out our excursions.


We are committed to proactively reducing the spread of any disease and maintain the health of our staff and passengers.  As such please ensure you and your fellow passengers follow this guide to help maintain the hygiene levels that we currently have in place to reduce the spread of any disease.



Coach Cleaning: Our current enhanced cleaning procedure includes cleaning of all floors and seats, cleaning of all glass surfaces, mopping with disinfectant of all floor surfaces, disinfectant wiping of dash areas, driver controls and handles. It also includes cleaning all handrails, hand grabs, seat belt buckles, armrests and floors. It also includes vehicle anti-viral fogging on a weekly basis. 


How do I protect myself and my fellow passengers?


The following procedures comply with World Health Organisation guidelines and with the latest government guidelines as updated on Tuesday 23rd June 2020. The transmission of Coronavirus is primarily through people touching surfaces contaminated by the virus and then transferring that contamination to their mouth, eyes or nose. There is also a possibility of breathing in droplets expelled by another person when in close face to face contact.


The primary concern on board coaches is that of social distancing; passengers should keep their distance please from people outside their household, and we recognise that this is not always possible.  The key thing is not to be too close to people for more than a short amount of time. When around another person the biggest risk of infection is people in close ‘face to face’ positions.


We can provide assurance and mitigation of these concerns; our normal front facing seating arrangements avoids ‘face to face’ proximity and the physical barrier of the high backed seats, plus the use of face coverings or masks will all help to ensure maximum mitigation of the dangers and maximum safety.


1. When you arrive at our premises, you will be directed by our staff where to park.  They will be wearing face coverings.  Our toilet facilities will be available; please wash your hands of course - and maintain 2 metre social distancing whenever possible while using the facilities and while waiting to board.


2. You will be subject to a temperature check prior to boarding. It is generally accepted that 36.1C (97F) to 37.2C (99F) is the normal range for our bodies. Passengers with a high temperature will be requested not to travel, for the benefit of other passengers - and will receive a full refund from us.


3. We would appreciate that you wear a face covering when boarding and during the journey, preferably your own; however our driver will also have masks available. The entrance/exit on the offside of the coach may also be used for boarding and disembarking where it is safe to do so.


4. You will be asked to board just a few minutes before your departure time, in order to minimise the time that passengers spend on the coach once boarded. Please try to maintain 2 metre social distancing wherever possible, as you gather and when approaching and speaking with our driver. 


4. Our driver will wear protective gloves and will have anti-bacterial gel available. You will be requested to sanitise your hands prior to boarding. Again, please ensure you observe social distancing while waiting to board. Your seat number may change because ideally passengers will be seated on alternate seats on each row wherever possible. Please also note that the toilet on board the coach will not be available while these measures are on place.  However rest assured that no journey will be longer than 2 hours without a comfort stop. 


5. Passengers who live together in the same household, may sit together on a double seat. Where this occurs, the seat opposite, next to the aisle must not be used.  The front double seat immediately behind the driver is unfortunately not available for use. 


7. As part of our driver’s safety briefing he or she will advise that upon arrival at the destination he or she will be exiting first and that once he or she has left the vehicle then all passengers may safely disembark, starting from the front – please continue to observe social distancing while waiting to disembark.


8. Our driver will drive with the roof vents open, a plentiful supply of fresh air helps to prevent the spread of germs. Our coach air-conditioning system will also help to provide clean, filtered air. He or she will also be wearing a face mask while driving.


9. Upon arrival at the destination, our driver will put the hazard warning lights on, disembark and ask you to alight.  Obviously he or she will maintain a helpful presence but will also observe self-distancing requirements. During your visit our driver will clean all touch points on the coach.


10. During your visit and prior to returning to the coach for the return journey, please wash your hands and also when boarding the coach - observe social distancing and use the hand gel that is supplied on board.


11. With regard to the exchange of such things as lost property, mobility aids etc, this will be carried out with full regard please to all social distancing and hygiene requirements. 


We appreciate that these precautions and procedures are somewhat onerous, however it is of course in all of our interests to do what we can to prevent the spread of the virus. Should you require any further information or have any specific considerations and requirements then please do not hesitate to contact us at


Thank you for your help and cooperation - and for booking with Whittles.

(This document is dated 23rd June 2020)


Whittles NEW Summer Days Out brochure

Whittles NEW Summer Days Out brochure

Our NEW summer 2019 days out brochure is out now and packed with 115 great days out this summer.



Whittle first tour of 2019 was a Country and Western Hoedown!

Whittle first tour of 2019 was a Country and Western Hoedown!


On the 8th February we took passengers on the first tour of 2019, the Country and Western Reunion Weekend.  Four of our drivers, Gary, Shaun, Pete and Dean got into the spirit by dressing as Cowboys, with feeder driver Celia also donning her cowboy boots!


It was great to meet up and talk about upcoming tours and excursions..and have a good old sing song and line dance!


Here's the link to our Facebook page video


Hopefully it makes you smile as much as it does us!


Our 2020 reunion will be on Friday 14th February - Mon 17th February, staying at the Royal Grosvenor in Weston.  Book Now!




Coronavirus - Important information regarding our Holiday, Excursions, Short Breaks and Shows

Coronavirus - Important information regarding our Holiday, Excursions, Short Breaks and Shows


We find ourselves in extremely unusual and difficult times and In light of the recent government statement on Monday 16th March 2020, our Management Team have taken the extremely difficult decision to cancel ALL our brochure and online departures with immediate effect up until the 30th April 2020.


This is a decision we have not taken lightly, however, given the government advice we feel we have no choice. Please rest assured that we are doing everything we can do resume normal operation as of the start of May 2020.


On a positive note, this current national and worldwide crisis is very much a temporary one and we believe that come the start of the summer, our programme and things in general will be very much back up and running – and of course there are plenty of superb opportunities to travel with Whittles available in our fantastic brochures!


Most importantly, may we take this opportunity to wish you well and hope that you keep well, virus free and as happy as possible, during this extraordinary situation.


Finally, thank you, very much for your continued support and custom during what is a difficult time for all of us - and thank you for your patience and understanding.


We will be in contact with all passengers with bookings on departures up until 30th April by post. Please be assured we are watching the situation as it unfolds very carefully and if you have any questions, concerns; or if you would like to book alternative trips later this season, then please call our Bookings Team on 01562 820002.


Whittles Coaches

Whittles New Departure List

Whittles New Departure List



We are really pleased with our recent achievement of the Visit Britain’s ‘Good to Go’ Status. We have recently launched our Safe Operating Procedure and COVID:19 Risk Assessment to help provide you with reassurance and confidence to travel. As we all start to see some light at the end of the tunnel, here’s update on all three of our main operating sections.



We are indeed, everything is in place and we’re keen to get going! We’re receiving plenty of enquiries and bookings for next year and we’re also starting to take bookings again for later this year.  Although we are still limited, by government regulations, to provide for groups of no more than 30, we do have vehicle capacity to hand and our drivers are itching to get back to work! So if you need a coach for anything for small groups or large and for any reason, be it business, education or leisure, then please give us a call or request a quote by

clicking here.



We are delighted to advise that we are re-starting our popular excursions programme on Saturday 1st August. These are our Express Excursions which are on a ‘park & ride’ basis from our depot– where you can park in our car park all day, hop on board, with of course all our social distancing and precautions in place, and enjoy a great day out, to places like Llandudno, Blackpool, Liverpool, Barry Island and London to name a few.  Each trip is £24 per person and we apologise for the fact that we’ve had to increase the prices of these, but it is due to the fact that we can operate them with reduced capacity on board and ensure absolute cleansing and santisation. You can book your next express excursion by clicking here.



With holidays, the process of re-starting is of course more involved, as we’ve had to go through the process of receiving and checking each hotel’s risk assessment and also those of the attractions included, to ensure that their procedures, as well as ours, provide for complete safety for our passengers and staff, as well as between us all, making sure that the holiday is fully enjoyable.  However, we are again, delighted to announce that we intend to re-start our holiday programme from September onwards. We’ve also just released the brand new list of our holiday programme, from September this year right through to Christmas next year! To read a copy of this departure list call our team on 01562 820002.


AND FINALLY – WE’RE….I think you’ve got the message now! Thank you for your support through all this. We wish you well – stay safe, stay positive and we look forward to seeing you soon. 


Best Wishes from The Whittles Team

Whittles COVID:19 Update

Whittles COVID:19 Update

Whittles Coaches COVID:19 Update


It has been wonderful seeing so many of your friendly faces as we recommenced our Express Excursions over the past month. We want to reassure all of our customers that we are very much open for business with our holidays recommencing in September and over 25 holidays departing over the next few months, as well as a packed Christmas Tour programme.


We also have a number of Express Excursions departing to customer favourites including Poole, Derby, Bridlington and Sidmouth to name a few over the next couple of months. Booking figures for 2021 are looking great and we look forward to thriving in 2021. We cannot wait to welcome you back on board once again.


This has been a difficult time for everyone, including the travel and tourism industry included - but we do want to reassure you all that we are good to go!


  • You can view our latest departure list featuring our holidays and day excursions here

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  • To book your next coach hire click here


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